Friday, June 10, 2005

Heat index

The picture at the right, below,
Roadside igloo
Igloo City, Cantwell, Alaska.
Courtesy of flickr;
originally uploaded by Mr. Lunatic Fringe.
an arty snap of an igloo-hotel-in progress near Cantwell, Alaska, made the rounds the other day (I first saw it on Coudal’s website).

Here, ff is providing a full-on collection of igloo links—not a lame one among them—to celebrate the onset of summer weather on the eastern seaboard.

The neon eskimo hovering over the two metal domes of the drive-in invited passengers from a distance. Irene’s uniform, which included a short red skirt, red panties, white short-heeled boots, and white jacket, probably attracted more customers.

Correction: I had originally cited BB as my initial sighting; changed it to Coudal, where I really saw it (sorry, Phil!). [cws::28 Jun]



Anonymous Mr Lunatic Fringe said...

Woo- My photo was boingboinged? I missed it! Darn! Don't suppose you can dig up a link?

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Mr Lunatic Fringe said...

Groovy, thanks!

12:25 PM  
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