Wednesday, June 08, 2005

On metal

Printed from Ameoba’s Music We Like: The Best of 2004!, courtesy of Stacy, “East Bay Mistress of Metal”:
Amoeba MWL
  1. Demigod, Behemoth: Unrelenting Polish Extreme Metal! Check out their Crush Fukk Create DVD. It’s the next best thing to witnessing the intensity of their amazing live show.
  2. Sardonic Wrath, Darkthrone: Old school Norwegian Black Metal back with a vengeance!
  3. Blackdoor Miracle, Ragnarok: Brutal Norwegian Black Metal!
  4. Glory and Petroleum, Sear Bliss: Agressive Hungarian Black Metal!
  5. Sworn Allegiance, Unleashed: Old school Swedish Death Metal kings are back!

From this, we can glean the stylebook for black/death metal copy:

  1. Always capitalize “Black Metal” and “Death Metal.”
  2. Always include the nationality of the band members when describing the black/death metal subgenre.
  3. Always use an exclamation point.


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