Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A literary map

lit map inset

In this Sunday's book review section of the Times, a proposal from "ethicist" Randy Cohen to produce a map of literary map of Manhattan, marking where famous fictional characters live in the metropolis,

I began thinking about this map years ago while reading Don DeLillo's ''Great Jones Street.'' Bucky Wunderlick gazes out the window of his ''small crowded room'' at the firehouse across the street. I realized: there's only one firehouse on that street and few buildings that contain tiny apartments rather than commercial lofts. I know where Bucky Wunderlick lives. Or would live if he existed. He's got to be at No. 35. Knowing this made walking around the neighborhood like walking through the novel. But I walked without a map. Shouldn't there be a map of imaginary New Yorkers?

It's a collaborative effort; submit suggestions here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

this'll be the beginning of auster 'city of glass' walking tours akin to dublin's bloomsday



11:39 AM  
Blogger bill said...

alas, i fear the geezers are already corrupting ye: it's all voltaire's fault!

i say: applaud the preservation, however motivated, of lit culture. or something like that. ::cws

3:47 PM  

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