Monday, April 18, 2005

Viral marketing

It began with the billboard in a rundown neighborhood on Greenmount Avenue
Constructivist billboard billboard, just north of 26th St.
on Greenmount Av. at the railroad overpass.
(For large image, click
here. )
[inset] and the moneyed website (the splash demands to know whether visitors are cow or human; Homo sapiens are admonished to exit immediately). Then, stationed in front of the Fells Point post office on Tax Day, a costumed Holstein-Friesian was doling out Milk Duds (in something that looked like the old box, no less) to puzzled passersby.

The handsome constructivist-inspired site doesn't divulge what's going on, but promises news on the 5th of May: stay tooned.

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