Monday, April 11, 2005

Cathy Daley


Stumbled across this the other day at MoCo Loco, a really nice resource dedicated to modern contemporary design (and one I find especially useful for following the world of modernist pre-fab housing): they’ve branched out, after a fashion, and devote a little of their bandwidth to Art MoCo, tracking a little slice of the art world from a MoCo perspective.

Anyhow, they've introduced me to Cathy Daley, a Toronto-based artist who turns fifty this year, and whose oil-pastel on vellum drawings, based on feminine fashion forms, are extraordinary. The heaviness of the black gives them weight, but they're ethereal and sexy at the same time. Much of the writing on her work (“post-feminist ambivalence toward fashion”) is a load of bollocks: she’s a terrific artist, period. I’m posting a selection of thumbnails; do click through for greater detail.


Blogger kvr said...

I absolutely love her. My wife and I are saving to buy one of her works we saw in New York. This will be our first work of art.

2:08 AM  

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